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  1. Update (MISC)

    Clutch is finally bedded in and feels completely different, Hardly any slip from a stop so iv stalled it a few times but its got some good bite in gear changes.
    Also been playing around with a few things and have managed to get it boosting way sooner, Boost is now coming on at 3.2Krpm but peak ...
  2. HD Clutch & Box Final (hopefully)

    Well after having the rear transmission stud strip out I had to get a new thread insert.
    I was going to use a helicoil kit but when looking for them the cheapest one was $200.
    NZHondas track day - something to think about...-img_0532.jpg
    So I got a self taping thread insert instead which was only $5.

  3. HD Clutch & Box 3

    All I can say is what a day.
    Had to get the box in and out twice.

    First time I got it out and you could see where it had been hitting the fins so ground those down as much as I could and got it inspected by the boss if he would still pass a cert with it like that.
    Thinking that ...

    Updated 21st July 2012 at 12:44 PM by bmgjet

  4. HD Clutch & Box 2

    Well right now im really angry.
    Got it all back and go to crank it and it jam's up.

    So go though the checks,
    Yes it rolls in N
    No cant turn crank manually more then 1/8th a turn,
    It was turning fine when putting on the flywheel and pressure plate so it has to be ...
  5. HD Clutch & Box 1

    Well, Got the gearbox out and the standard stuff off quite easily.
    Sth Island 4 and rotor nats... wot we doing peoples?-img_0528.jpg

    Old clutch doesn't look to bad, Lots of meat left on it but you can see that it has been slipping.
    Sth Island 4 and rotor nats... wot we doing peoples?-img_0525.jpg

    Can see from the flywheel that its been ...
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