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  1. Long overdue update

    Its been a while, but i have actually got work done.

    walbro pump installed
    Rate my Ride-img_20120311_101557.jpg

    also got a set of tein coilovers for crazy cheap, although they are very basic, no damper adjustment.

    pic of engine bay
    Rate my Ride-img_20120311_112434.jpg ...
  2. Dyno tuned

    Had a busy weekend, Lots of fun though.

    The accord is tuned now thanks to Lin at Concept Dynamic Motorsports, awesome guy highly recommeded. Totally worth the drive to Tauranga

    It made 172wkw at 10psi. Could have gone for more boost, but was leaning out either because it was ...
  3. More progress

    I made a braket to mount a d-series alternator where the AC pump used to be

    Hey NZ from the US-img_20120208_163619.jpg

    also I brought a 3 bar gm map sensor for crazy cheap

    Hey NZ from the US-img_20120220_183306.jpg

    And I brought a GFB Atomic boost tap. Ive got a ...
  4. Turbo progress

    Exhaust done
    Hey NZ from the US-img_20120120_172322.jpg

    Intercooler mounted

    Hey NZ from the US-img_20120113_145253.jpg

    Turbo mounted

    Hey NZ from the US-img_20120113_145316.jpg

    All fitted up and running on a crome basemap

    Hey NZ from the US-img_20120130_181215.jpg
  5. More progress

    Test fitted manifold and check clearance. Not alot of room for downpipe, but Ive got a plan for that.

    New Paintjob-2011-10-01-08.45.39.jpg

    I made a jig off the standard exhaust manifold and started fabbing the downpipe
    New Paintjob-2011-10-05-07.23.20.jpg

    I ordered ...
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