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City Turbo II Clean Up And Power Gain.

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servicing time.

got a whole load of goodies for the usual post purchase of a car.

20w50 oil. quite thick but its been damn cold in Canterbury this winter so found it appropriate. ill change it to something thinner (15/40 ish) when it starts to warm up a bit.
new oil filter
oil treatment
belt grip
throttle body cleaner
anti freeze
and the classic crc

also taped up the windows to reblack the trim. managed to prep it but didnt want to spray as it was too cold.

and for those who havnt seen a city engine bay before. here it is, and when i say im pressed for space..... i really am pressed for space haha

and he it is sitting comfortably in the garage along side my other baby.

any way thats it for now, hope to keep some steady progress


  1. sliding's Avatar
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    Nice!! Give me a text if you need a hand with any thing.

    Can I ask why do you need belt grip?
  2. avjoe's Avatar
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    Squeaky alternater belt nothing much. yeah I finish work early today so I'm hoping to spray the trim while its warm
  3. Bigelboe's Avatar
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    Hey mate, I think you have your oil thicknesses backwards - You run thin stuff when its cold (because oil naturally thickens when its cold), and thick stuff when its hot.

    Looks like a very tidy T2!
  4. avjoe's Avatar
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    Oh my bad I read it wrong on algood though doesnt go below -15 like you said so should be sweet ha
    Updated 17th July 2012 at 05:02 PM by avjoe
  5. bmgjet's Avatar
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    God the engine bay is packed with all the factory stuff in there.
    One thing ill recommend is checking the sun roof drains every now and again to make sure they arnt blocking up.
    And dont waste your time with belt grip/dressing. It just makes a mess and wears the belt out quicker. If its squeaking tighten it up or replace it.
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