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City Turbo II Clean Up And Power Gain.

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Ok so i have always wanted to do a build thread so i thought i might show you all what im going to do with my new old city turbo 2 that i recently bought off lotasboy. first up my aswell get some pics up!

and one from when lotasboy owned it.

so my intentions are... takesadeebreath*

clean up the interior too full oem spec, bar black sr3's on custom rails. and stereo
polish up 13" 3pc heroes
and tint.

this is where it gets fun..

fully rebuild T2 engine with holden rodeo turbo.
ported waste gate. full 2.5" exhaust
custom plumbing with Air To Water I/C custom made by the man him self BEE18C
tial BOV
reground cam
and electronic boost controller at 15psi.

Ive done HEAPS of research into this and its all plausible.
hoping to do lots of the work my self and cant wait to learn along the journey!




  1. avjoe's Avatar
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    forgot to add.. rear seats and roof lining will be re-trimmed and chuck on the oem TURBO II stickers
  2. efsi's Avatar
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    all i can say is what a fricken beast
  3. bmgjet's Avatar
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    Sits quite nicely. Im guessing super lows since the lows iv just stuck back into mine have put it at the same as factory height lol.
    Tinting it your self is really easy in citys since you can pull the windows out piece of piss.
  4. avjoe's Avatar
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    You'd have to ask lotasboy I wouldn't know haha. yeah may as well give it a shot
  5. bmgjet's Avatar
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    Just be sure to use lots of soapy water and a good razor blade and squeegee are a must.
  6. avjoe's Avatar
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    Yeah I've seen a few lol attempts with out water haha
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