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Ash's slow DA6 build

pulling stuff apart

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haven't really gotten up to much as of lately so this will be small...
So i managed to pull the dash, heater box, stereo and all the other bits and bobs out thats in behind there

The wiring was pretty tidy except for the alarm install which was a joke

And the firewall is easily accessible for later on for the fusebox relocation and maybe prop valve? not sure if im going to those lengths just yet. the red line is the fuel tank breather, on H-T they say to cut the line back at the tank and vent it out behind the vehicle... any opinions or tips on that? also all of the red (potato shaped) circles, those holes are going to be welded up.also I'm not too sure on the legality of joining fuel lines in the cabin as I want to move the two existing lines so that they exit through the firewall at about the same height as the loom (which currently runs horizontally along the firewall) so that it is completely out of sight hopefully more bay work will get done this week


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    That wirings as bad as mine! Good luck!
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