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  1. Great Success

    The progress we were looking for!

    Clutch master cylinder had a broken bleed nipple, Found a nice looking replacement set so went with it. Was well worth doing it as we found the slave cylinder wasn't looking great.

    New Gear:
  2. Head Bolts Are Great.......... NOT

    Anyone who has seen a picture like the one below will understand how my afternoon has been.

    We took our time, prepared well and ensured everything was clean.

    Following the instructions for this motor to the absolute letter and yet life decides to give us this!!!!
    Builds , Non-Honda
  3. My old Toyota...

    Here's a quick collection of pics from one my previous Toyota builds and probably my favorite to date.

    Car is a 1989 Toyota Surpa (MA70). Its factory 3L Turbo (7M-GTE) auto, non-ABS, face-lift widebody & factory optioned torsen LSD. The following pics show the main steps of my build ...
    Non-Honda , Builds
  4. EF2 Civ New Project. First time Honda, long time Toyota.

    This is my first Honda to own. I have always had a soft spot for all the Civic's but never thought to get one and try it out. An opportunity to own the 91 Civic below presented itself a few weeks ago, I picked it up for a steal (under $500) with an engine miss. I wasn't too worried about the engine ...
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  5. Update (MISC)

    Clutch is finally bedded in and feels completely different, Hardly any slip from a stop so iv stalled it a few times but its got some good bite in gear changes.
    Also been playing around with a few things and have managed to get it boosting way sooner, Boost is now coming on at 3.2Krpm but peak ...
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