Membership is Open

Becoming an Exclusive Member has a number of benefits, you get an sticker, all of your limits on the forum are increased (More storage space for PMs, photos, albums, etc) and more options are available to you (profile customisation, custom user title) and from NIMM '10 onwards, discounts on our track days.

We're constantly monitoring our Exclusive Members usage and will be looking at other forum improvements as time goes on. We're also in the middle of a couple of exciting discussions regarding benefits for Exclusive Members and will endeavour to continue to find ways to add value to the Exclusive Membership.


Yes. PayPal. All membership payments are handled through our PayPal gateway and unless you have a PayPal account that you've loaded up with funds already, most of the time this will involve having access to either a Credit Card or a Debit Card. We realise that this may put off some users however I can not stress enough that provided you have up to date virus protection and are using your home PC, you have substantially less chance getting ripped off using PayPal than you would getting mugged in the street. For more information on PayPal for the paranoid, you can have a look here.

But why? Bank transfers were easy enough.

Well no, they weren't really. This way your membership is activated INSTANTLY. The second your payment is confirmed, your forum user account is moved into the Exclusive Members group and you have all of the upgrades and access to our Exclusive Members only forum. From the behind the scenes it is massively streamlined as well. The only manual work required is checking email, making and address label and putting your sticker in the post. The whole process will take 5 minutes tops compared to the 20+ per person previously.

I don't care, where do I sign?

Cool. Follow your nose:

  1. Update your Full Name and Courier safe Postal Address in your User CP, make sure your email address is valid, and read our Terms of Service.
    You will be asked again in the purchase for your details by PayPal. Please make sure that your details are correct there too. Also, please make sure that your Postal Address includes your Post Code, and is in the format supported by NZPost. If you don't know what either of these is, use this tool: Address and Postcode Finder

  2. Go to your User CP and click on Paid Subscriptions at the very bottom.
    Currently we're limiting to 2 stickers per application. Once the initial rush is over we will review our stocks and adjust accordingly.

  3. Select the Membership Package that you require.
    The information on each membership package is available on that screen. If you have any questions on the packages, post in the Membership Discussion Thread below before purchasing.

  4. Login to PayPal, or create a new PayPal account and make payment.
    This is very important. The details on your PayPal account are the ones your membership card is created from. If you're using someone elses account, you must email as soon as you've paid to let them know what details you actually want to use. Likewise, make sure you correctly format your entry. Your name isn't bob jones, it's Bob Jones. If you sign up with lower case, you'll get lower case!

  5. Everything going to plan, your membership will be active, and your membership pack (If required) will be sent in 10 - 15 working days.
    Track and trace information will be updated on your PayPal order and emailed to you. If you have any concerns about the package delivery, email

Things to note:

  • Renewals are handled in the same manner as new subscriptions, so follow the instructions above.
  • Exclusive Membership does not make you immune to infractions or being banned. You still have to follow the Eleven Commandments of the New Zealand Honda Club like everyone else. No refund will be offered if your membership or account is terminated.
  • Newly registered users will have to wait until they have been registered for long enough or have had enough posts authorised to be put into the "Trusted Registered Users" group before they can apply for membership.